庫存管理套餐 ios版 (支援無線網絡)


Get stock orders done with ease and speed

Essential features with Intuitive design


 Order Management

After Stock In, item inventories are recorded in Item Ledger, you can either Stock Out or Stock Transfer to other internal locations. Delivery note can be printed and sent to warehouse staff for item picking then proceed shipment.

 Stock Take feature allows you to list out items in particular location or all locations. You can perform Stock Take by scanning stock on-hand, system will make positive and negative adjustment accordingly.


Inventory on the go

m-In mobile app can run on a variety of Mobile Barcode Scanners. Stock orders created on Web portal can be downloaded to mobile scanner, scanned result can also be uploaded back to Web.

You can see all your valuable items on mobile device, with item details including item picture, item UOM, variants and inventory allocation. With m-In, you can bring your inventory on the go!


No. of Users    unlimited
No. of Items  unlimited
No. of Locations    unlimited
No. of Notes/mo      unlimited
No. of Scanners  unlimited
Get Support     phone, email



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